Daddy-Daughter Summer Writing Project: Part 3

 Two Buses


This is the tale of two buses; one haunted and the other magical.

The haunted bus was black and purple and looked like a big bruise on wheels, while the magical bus was a big pink and blue fairy tale in motion.  Everyone got very excited when the magical bus came around the corner, but they ran and hid if they ever saw the haunted bus coming.

There was a little girl who very much wanted to ride on the magical bus, but she was tricked one day when somebody put a big sign on the haunted bus that read: MAGICAL BUS. 

She hopped on the bus and it slowly drove away.

Once inside, the little girl noticed that this bus wasn’t magical at all.  The seats wiggled and the windows were all broken, and worst of all, the driver was a stinky mummy.

But the little girl was very brave, in fact she wasn’t scared of the mummy at all.  She decided that she would try to make friends with him.  First, she asked him if in fact she was traveling on a magical bus.  The mummy said that he could not tell a lie.  “No, this is the haunted bus,” he said.  “I’m very sorry that you got tricked.”

The little girl was a bit sad about the answer, because she really wanted to ride on the magical bus, but she wasn’t all too sure that it was the mummy who had put the sign on the bus, so she asked about it.

“Nope.  I promise you that it was not me who put that sign there,” the mummy said.  “But I’m awfully glad that you hopped on for a ride.  Where is it that you would like to go?”

The little girl thought about it for a moment and then had her answer.

“I want to go to Hawaii!” she exclaimed.

The mummy smiled as much as a mummy can smile , and then pointed to the miniature hula girl decoration that was on his dashboard.

“This is your lucky day kid.  This bus only goes to Hawaii,” he said.

On the other side of town, the real magical bus was driving around all crazy and looking for people to scare.  The tiny leprechaun that drove the bus laughed loudly as kids ran away frightened by his crazy driving and maniacal laughter.  This guy drove on the sidewalks, he knocked over flower beds and he even crashed through the fence at the school.

Clearly, this was no magical bus.  It was a nightmare!

The mayor, the chief of police and the Gopher Princess pleaded with the leprechaun to stop terrorizing everyone, but he kept right along laughing as he finally drove out of sight never to be seen – and perhaps more importantly – never to haunt them ever again.  The town rejoiced.  The Gopher Princess danced a jig.

Meanwhile, on the sandy shores of Hawaii, the mummy, the little girl and formerly haunted bus did a happy hula dance as they watched the sunset together.

Truly, this was the real Magical Bus.